WATCH: Dark New GOP Campaign Ads Stress Threat Of ISIS

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The ads will air in Iowa and New Hampshire, as candidates make their final push in the early states. They strike a fearful tone, featuring footage and news headlines of recent terrorist attacks.

With Iowa Less Than A Month Away, Candidates Enter Crunch Time

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As candidates kick off the final month before primaries and caucuses, NPR’s Rachel Martin checks in with political correspondent Sarah McCammon. She’s just off the campaign trail in all-important Iowa.

New Year, New Laws: States Diverge On Gun Rights, Voting Restrictions

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In North Carolina, you’ll need ID to vote; in Oregon, people will be automatically registered. California has a new way to block a person’s access to firearms; in Texas, expect to see more handguns.

A Once-Passionate Obama Campaigner Sits Out The 2016 Races

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Anton Gunn rose in the ranks from local activist to working in the Obama White House. He’s now in South Carolina, disengaged from national politics and watching the 2016 candidates from the sidelines.

Former Rep. Mike Oxley, An Architect Of Post-Enron Bill, Dies At 71

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Oxley, an Ohio Republican, led the House Financial Services Committee when fraud scandals sank Enron and other firms. The bill he wrote with Sen. Paul Sarbanes aimed to prevent more fraudulent acts.

Obama To Implement Gun Control Measures Through Executive Action

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One of President Obama’s biggest frustrations has been the inability to pass gun legislation. But as he begins his last year in office, Obama is expected to take action on his own to address gun violence.

Week In Politics: Obama On Gun Control, GOP Presidential Race

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NPR’s Audie Cornish talks with E.J. Dionne of the Washington Post and Eliana Johnson of the National Review about the week’s political news. They discuss President Obama’s announcement to take executive action on gun control, and the state of the race for the Republican presidential nomination.

Bernie Sanders Reminds Iowans To Vote In Next Month’s Caucuses

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Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders spent Thursday in Des Moines. He told the overflowing crowd that they had a chance in February to make a big statement about where the race is headed.

Hillary Clinton Emails: ‘I Only Know What I Hear On NPR’ And Car Ride Flowcharts

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The year-end release of correspondence from Clinton’s time at the State Department falls short of the court-ordered requirements. 275 of the new emails have been retroactively classified.

Chicago Releases Thousands Of Emails On 2014 Shooting Of Laquan McDonald

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The release comes as protesters demand that Chicago’s mayor resign.

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