Cat PDA Vs. Human PDA, And Other Animal Behavior Explained

Veterinarian Vint Virga works with pets and zoo animals on behavior disorders. He talks about how house cats are more fulfilled when they forage for food, and how to show animals affection.

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Financial Education Apps for the Classroom

Two weeks ago at the Financial Education Public Private Partnership teacher training in Bremerton, I had the opportunity to showcase a few apps that can be used in the classroom for financial education.

There are plenty of apps out there that can be used to supplement financial education topics. Finding the right one depends on what you are teaching and your audience.

Below are a few of my

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Democrats Make New Bid To Require Donor Transparency

The latest version of the DISCLOSE Act, which would force donor disclosure on outside organizations that engage in election politics, is facing now-familiar opposition from Republican lawmakers.

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As Millions Of People Fast For Ramadan, Does The Economy Suffer?

New research examines the effects of Ramadan, the Muslim holy month during which millions of people around the world go without food all day. Does religious practice affect economic growth?

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